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Ywada (2014)

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Ywada 2014Pair a dynamic voice with unbridled determination. The resulting equation adds up to a new musical force: Ywada. And the talented singer/songwriter’s mission is simple and straightforward — to share her passion and love of music.

“I feel there’s a great soul that lives within me,” says Ywada (pronounced Yah-da). “This is why I will keep going no matter what obstacles get in my way. I have to do this … it’s my calling.”

That calling comes to vibrant life on Ywada’s new EP, Perception Against Reality (New Age Productions, June, 2013). The 10-track set pulsates with an arresting combination of contemporary beats, engaging rhythms and truth-wielding declarations. Flavoring that mix: Ywada’s full-bodied, soul-riveting vocals, guiding listeners on a journey through love and relationships. From the soothing oasis of perception to the frank—but ultimately empowering—shores of reality… Read more

That journey is emotionally depicted on such standout tracks as “Time Out” and her first single release, “End of the Road.” The song was produced by Miykal Snoddy (Ne-Yo, Diddy, and Trey Songz) and written by Ywada, Miykal Snoddy and Carmael Frith. The former, finds a woman summoning up the courage to step back so she and her partner can truly assess their relationship. The mid-tempo track was penned by Grammy Award-winning songwriter Harold Lilly (Alicia Keys, Fantasia, Trey Songz) and produced by Harold and Blac Elvis (Beyoncé, Usher, Fergie).

As the title implies, “End of the Road” closes the door on a relationship. Resonating with the confusion and pain that accompanies heartbreak, the track also showcases Ywada’s considerable skills as a songwriter, In fact, Ywada and co-writer Alfred Gaines (Young Jeezy and Ja Rule) penned most of the remaining tracks with rising producer AJ Platinum (Young Jeezy) producing the majority of the EP. The result? No frills, honest-to-goodness music with relatable stories to share.

“There’s nothing contrived about my music or my singing,” emphasizes Ywada with refreshing candor. “It’s simply about helping people through life’s ups and downs. You want to laugh, dance, cry … I’ve got something for everybody.”Ywadamusic.comChristened with the Hebrew name meaning to care and understand, Ywada was born and raised in Sarasota, Florida. While attending a private Christian school, the daughter of musically inclined parents cultivated her natural talent through vocal coaching and five years of classical piano. From there, she began singing at various Christian and gospel events before experiencing a life-changing moment at the age of 15.

That’s when BET gospel pioneer Dr. Bobby Jones introduced her to Grammy-winning gospel artist Yolanda Adams, with whom she got the chance to sing. Inspired by Adams’ words of encouragement and influenced by such gospel-bred singers as Whitney Houston and Aretha Franklin, Ywada has since opened for such acts as Fantasia, Ledisi, Keyshia Cole, Avant, R. Kelly and Anthony Hamilton, and also appeared on BET’s popular countdown show “106 & Park.”

Now this burgeoning musical force is ready to share her gifts on a wider scale. There are many artists out there who can sing. But the major difference between them and those who can go the distance is knowing who you are and what you want. Ywada is part of that talented few.

Ywada is a powerful performer which audiences will get to see during her upcoming promotional tour. “I can’t wait to share my music with the world,” says Ywada. “I’m all in … coming in strong and going hard. Keep your eyes and ears open.”

Biography courtesy of Ywada’s Official Website


01 – Ywada – End Of The Road (Advanced: Perception Against Reality, 2014)
02 – Ywada – Ready To Fall (Advanced: Perception Against Reality, 2014)
03 – Ywada – I’ll Give It (Advanced: Perception Against Reality, 2014)
04 – Ywada – Nightmare (Advanced: Perception Against Reality, 2014)

Background music during the interview:

Ywada – Time Out, Ywada – Heart Erased, Yolanda Adams – Victory, Ywada – I’m Gone, Ywada – Dose Of You, Ywada – End Of The Road, Ywada – Perception, Ywada – Reality

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