Yolanda Johnson 2009

Yolanda Johnson (2009)

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Yolanda JohnsonYolanda Johnson, a Brooklyn native, proves that the apple doesn’t fall too far from the tree. Johnson, the daughter of 70’s mellow soul master Samuel Jonathan Johnson, and cousin to Charlie, Ronnie, and Robert Wilson of the Gap Band, has been writing music since the age of five. When asked about her experience in developing Breathing, she explains. “The title of the album comes from so many places. When I released Violet Flower, I was really holding my breath, hoping that people liked what I had to offer. Luckily and graciously, new fans are drawn to my message everyday and now I can finally breathe a little easier. The theme of the album is also inspired from the overwhelming nature of love. On the one hand, love can make you feel so high and so full of life that you can hardly breathe, like that feeling when someone just sweeps you right off your feet and takes your breath away. On the other hand, love can be so tough that it literally takes your breath away and you find yourself unable to breathe at all”… Read more

Since releasing her EP, Violet Flower in 2006, Johnson quickly gained critical acclaim receiving the honor of being named BETJ Soul Sessions Breakthrough Artist of the Year as well as her empowering single “Individual” being selected as the theme music for the hot soul music video show.

With the release of Breathing and special performances scheduled to support the project, there’s no telling what Johnson’s next destination will be. “I look forward to everyone taking it all in and breathing deep and long and hard with me as I release my first full length album.”

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01 – Yolanda Johnson – Get 2 Know U (Violet Flower, 2006)
02 – Yolanda Johnson – Over You (Breathing, 2009)
03 – Yolanda Johnson – Breathing (Breathing, 2009)

Background music during the interview:

Yolanda Johnson – Exhalude (Breathing, 2009), Yolanda Johnson – Violet Flower (Violet Flower, 2006), Billy Holiday – Strange Fruit (1939), Yolanda Johnson – Running (Violet Flower, 2006), Yolanda Johnson – Can”t Fight The Feeling (Breathing, 2009), Yolanda Johnson – Music And Faith (Breathing, 2009), Yolanda Johnson – Living (Breathing, 2009), Yolanda Johnson – When I See You (Breathing, 2009), Yolanda Johnson – Love Control (Breathing, 2009), Yolanda Johnson – On The Inside (Breathing, 2009), Yolanda Johnson – Can”t Get You Out Of My Head (Breathing, 2009)

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