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Dear Soulinterviews.com Family,

I hope you are all well, enjoying fall and the approaching holidays. The Soulinterviews.com summer hiatus has been extended until December 1st – so it is now a fall hiatus! Both Bonnie Cehovet, responsible for Publicity and Media Relations and my long time “right hand” and partner at Soulinterviews.com, and I have completed our individual moves, and are settled in – Bonnie in the Pacific Southwest of the United States, and me in a very relaxing and meditative location a bit north of where I was living.

As you know, I also moved the Soulinterviews.com Sky Studio with me. The new mixer that we are wating for will not be here until mid-November. What this means for you is that it will be December before we are back with some very exclusive, hot interviews!

Feel free to come by at any time here on Soulinterviews.com to listen to all available interviews we have online. Or why not request one of the older interviews from the archive. Just don’t forget to write your e-mail address, and the name of the required interview when placing a request.

Thank you for bearing with us in our transition. Wishing you all a wonderful fall, and looking forward to seeing you again on December the 1st!

Small hint: We are also taking this time to revise the look of our website! You will have to come and see for yourself in December!


DJ Soulswede (aka Souly)

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