DJ Soulswede & his dad

The Soulinterviews Show on Solar Radio back on Sept 1st!

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Hey SI.com family,

DJ Soulswede & his dad
DJ Soulswede with his father

Due to ​taking on ​a brand new ​job​, and ​wanting​ to spend more time with
hi​s elderly​ parents over the summer months, DJ Soulswede will be​ taking​ a hiatus from​ The Soulinterviews Radio Show on Solar Radio​.​ H​e will be back in the same ​slot (same day and time) on September the 1st. During the hiatus, we will be ​airing​ repeats of some of ​our previous shows.

The interviews on Soulinterviews.com w​ill not ​b​e affected by this​,​ although minor changes in the schedule might occur.

We wish you all a wonderful and soulful summer!

Remember – t​he Soulinterviews Radio Show on Solar Radio will be​ back on September the 1st!


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