Reggie Calloway - Part 1 2009

Reggie Calloway – Part 1 (2009)

Creating Music that rings in the heart of souls has been a breeze for the Grammy songwriter, Reggie Calloway. His prolific talent as a top music producer, hit writer, musician and artist has attracted some of the biggest names in the music industry. One of Calloway’s original compositions entitled, “I’ll […]

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Al B Sure 2009

Al B Sure (2009)

Entertainment industry Moguls, Quincy Jones, Benny Medina, Andre’ Harrell and Eddie F collectively assisted in launching Al B Sure! as one of History’s most innovative writer, producer, recording artists in the Business of Music and Entertainment today! Al B Sure!’s history in the entertainment industry spans over two decades. Most […]

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Mica Paris 2009

Mica Paris (2009)

Mica Paris is one of the UK’s finest and most respected female singers with a career full of Top 10 hit singles and albums worldwide. She is currently recording a long-awaited new album of original material featuring legendary guest singers and musicians to be released later in 2011. An incredible […]

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Eugene Wilde 2009

Eugene Wilde (2009)

Eugene Wilde was another in a string of briefly successful male soul crooners in the mid-80s. While possessing a solid, appealing voice, Wilde was generally stuck (sometimes self-imposed) with uneven, fairly one dimensional material that prevented him from achieving the kind of sustained success that was expected after his quick […]

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Nicki Richards 2009

Nicki Richards (2009)

Nicki Richards is the real deal – a world class singer, songwriter, producer, arranger and performer who brings the sizzle and the thrill back to that rarified realm known as “music beyond category.” Born into a household rich in jazz and the gospel of the Primitive Baptist Church, yet raised […]

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Maysa 2008

Maysa Leak (2008)

While Maysa is no newcomer to the music scene, her ninth solo CD, Motions of Love (Shanachie Entertainment) that boasts cameos by the legendary Stevie Wonder and neo soul crooner Dwele, promises to introduce the veteran soul and smooth jazz vocalist to the widest audience of her career. She first […]

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Lori Jenaire 2008

Lori Jenaire (2008)

Lori Jenaire is emerging dramatically on the music scene, rapidly carving her niche in the world of neo-jazz/soul. The name and sound of this Chicago native may not be familiar to you, but various projects which have been blessed with her creativity, have taken the entertainment industry by storm. Jenaire […]

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Tracy Cruz (2008)

Her music hinges on heartless dissonance and jolting hope. Tracy Cruz’s music represents a vast, magnificent blend of polarities. We never get just one side of her; we get the kaleidoscope. Her song lyrics and production will unfailingly take you on a musical excursion, intended to resonate with all who […]

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Susanne Orum 2008

Susanne Orum (2008)

Susanne debuted in 1995 with the girl group Me – She & Her, who won a Grammy for “Best New Danish Act” and had a break through with the song “I Count the Minutes” by Diane Warren. Susanne lives in Copenhagen and besides working on her own music, she’s contributed […]

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Rachel Brown 2008

Rachel Brown (2008)

In a world of overnight sensations, Rachel Brown has come from the road less traveled. In an era where most singers are “auto-tuned,” manufactured and packaged for entertainment value, Rachel Brown brings the total package to the table; A powerful, yet sophisticated blend of beauty and exceptional NATURAL vocal talent. […]

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