Narada Michael Walden 2014

Narada Michael Walden (2014)

Among a handful of the most innovative, original and influential artists of our time, Narada Michael Walden’s stature as an authentic musical renaissance man is a matter of record. Producing Hits for Artists as diverse as Aretha Franklin (including the platinum “Freeway of Love.”), Steve Winwood, Ray Charles, Wynonna Judd, […]

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Lisa Stansfield 2014

Lisa Stansfield (2014)

In the late 80s and throughout the ‘90s, the Lisa Stansfield was the coolest pop star on the planet. Her seductive, soulful vocals and timeless dance-pop songs saw her top the charts on both sides of Atlantic, duet with George Michael and Queen, win multiple Brits and Ivor Novello awards […]

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Tomas Doncker 2014

Tomas Doncker (2014)

As a prime mover on New York’s downtown “No Wave” scene in the early 1980s, Tomas Doncker cut his teeth as a guitarist with such genre-busting groups as James Chance & The Contortions, Defunkt, J. Walter Negro & The Loose Jointz and many more. Eventually he went international, touring and […]

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Club Nouveau 2014

Club Nouveau / Jay King (2014)

Club Nouveau, after nearly three decades of success, is reemerging with a soon-to-be released album entitled “Consciousness”. The group’s founders, music mogul Jay King and singer, songwriter, arranger Valerie Watson, rejoin original member Samuelle Prater for a number of fresh music projects. King unknowingly launched an empire when he formed […]

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ROCAsound 2013

ROCAsound (2013)

ROCAsound is a music production and publishing company based in Los Angeles, CA. We specialize in cutting edge music production, composition and remixing for Record Labels, Film and TV, and Video Games. The company also represents the catalog and services of Sebastian Arocha Morton. Composer, Producer and Remixer Sebastian Arocha […]

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Samantha James 2013 Withdrawn

Samantha James (2013)

Interview with Samantha James withdrawn “I have worked with DJ Soulswede for several years now. I know him to be a credible individual who devotes an enormous amount of time to his craft. The interviews that he puts out are “in depth”, and that is not just a phrase used […]

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George Anderson 2013

George Anderson (2013)

First of all hope you all like my revamped website. On each page you will hear samples from my solo c/d’s ‘Positivity’ and ‘Expressions’ available here and on i-Tunes plus other tracks . Let me know if you like the new look ? Well… where shall we start …I got […]

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Derek Bramble 2012

Derek Bramble (2012)

What do American Idol, David Bowie, Faith Hill, Elliott Yamin, Will Smith, and Anastacia have in common ? They have all turned to British powerhouse, Songwriter and Music Producer, Derek Bramble when they’re looking for their next hit. Bramble is the music industry’s best-kept secret; the man behind the scene […]

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Miguel Migs 2012

Miguel Migs (2012)

Miguel Migs, who has a new album ‘Outside the Skyline‘, is now moving well and truly beyond the limitations of the house scene in which he first made his name. His deep seated love of reggae and dub shines strongly through as well as his passion for classic rock, blues, […]

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