Leonard "Remix" Rroy

Leonard “Remix” Rroy (2013)

I am the Chicago DJ that coined the phrase “House Music” as stated in a 1994 interview by Farley “Jackmaster” Funk in the book “What Kind of House Party is this!? I’ve been featured in numerous articles about House Music, blogs and appear in the documentary film “The Unusual Suspects: […]

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ROCAsound 2013

ROCAsound (2013)

ROCAsound is a music production and publishing company based in Los Angeles, CA. We specialize in cutting edge music production, composition and remixing for Record Labels, Film and TV, and Video Games. The company also represents the catalog and services of Sebastian Arocha Morton. Composer, Producer and Remixer Sebastian Arocha […]

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Samantha James 2013 Withdrawn

Samantha James (2013)

Interview with Samantha James withdrawn “I have worked with DJ Soulswede for several years now. I know him to be a credible individual who devotes an enormous amount of time to his craft. The interviews that he puts out are “in depth”, and that is not just a phrase used […]

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Chris Brann 2013

Chris Brann (2013)

Throughout a widespread assortment of productions for Wamdue Project, P’Taah, and Ananda Project (which have appeared on over 800 compilations combined), twenty albums, and over one hundred singles, as well as remixes for artists such as Seal,and KD Lang, Chris Brann has shown a dynamic range with interests that span […]

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Opolopo 2013

Opolopo (2013)

Opolopo is Yoruban for ‘plenty’, a word that exemplifies the diversity of this production wizard’s musical voyage. Starting out with overdubbing on cassette decks with a Casio VL Tone toy keyboard in his early teens, to constructing soundscapes on synths, beat boxes and computers, Peter Major aka Opolopo is one […]

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Ahmed Sirour 2013

Ahmed Sirour (2013)

I’m a professional and self-taught musician (keyboardist/pianist), producer, composer, writer, arranger (and went to school to learn how to engineer) from Brooklyn, NY who now travels around the world, when & where needed, performing & making music. I don’t claim a religious affiliation but my name is Arabic (thanks to […]

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Sy Smith 2013

Sy Smith (2013)

Through talent, hard work and a seemingly boundless energy, Sy Smith has emerged as one of the leaders of the independent soul movement. Her unique voice and unusual approach to her music, combined with a decade of paying dues, has made her a singer on the edge of something big. […]

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Tortured Soul 2013

Tortured Soul (2013)

Rose and violet lights fall on three musicians decked out sleekly in skinny ties, pressed slacks, and starched white shirts. The mass of bodies gathered before them pulsates with a unified enthusiasm. Sweet soulful vocals rise from the man in the middle, an effect rendered all the more captivating by […]

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