Sy Smith 2013

Sy Smith (2013)

Through talent, hard work and a seemingly boundless energy, Sy Smith has emerged as one of the leaders of the independent soul movement. Her unique voice and unusual approach to her music, combined with a decade of paying dues, has made her a singer on the edge of something big. […]

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Kaleem Taylor 2013

Kaleem Taylor (2013)

Rising UK Soulful/R&B star Kaleem Taylor has had a whirlwind 8 months, in the short space of which he has passed some significant milestones in his career. Since autumn 2011, Kaleem has made his radio debut, on DJ Target‘s BBC Radio 1Xtra Homegrown show, performed at London’s Brixton Academy in […]

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Juan Atkins 2012

Juan Atkins (2012)

Detroit. 1985. It begins. Post-industrial revolution, Detroit crumbles as businesses close and its motor industry implodes – but from its decaying streets the sound of the future is born when genuine human spirit becomes entwined with technology to prevail in the face of economic decline. After the split of his […]

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Larry Heard 2012

Larry Heard (2012)

His musical influence can be heard in the songs of countless artists. For those who appreciate warm and passionate compositions and lyrics, Larry´s music is pure magic. Larry has been blessed with a unique gift that sends listeners into a blissful euphoric state. One of his first releases in 1986 was […]

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Miguel Migs 2012

Miguel Migs (2012)

Miguel Migs, who has a new album ‘Outside the Skyline‘, is now moving well and truly beyond the limitations of the house scene in which he first made his name. His deep seated love of reggae and dub shines strongly through as well as his passion for classic rock, blues, […]

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Twin Cities

Twin Cities (2012)

Twin Cities began when Analog Jones and Guynamite first met at CDR, the legendary producers night at London’s Plastic People. Having decided to work together they immediately hit it off in the studio and had their first demo ‘Quarter Lebanese’ featuring Krystal Hardwick played on Gilles Peterson’s Worldwide show on […]

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Hubert Eaves III 2012

Hubert Eaves III (2012)

Reflected in his musical endeavors are more than twenty five years of dedication and passion to music, a passion that was ignited when Hubert’s father started teaching him to play the piano at the age of 12. The culminations of his life experiences capture unyielding creativity and intensity with his […]

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Lenny Hamilton Jr 2010

Lenny Hamilton Jr (2010)

Howdy! I’m a producer / writer / musician currently based out of Nashville, Tennessee [USA]. In a nutshell, I love to make music! Most of my life has revolved around music.. and it is by far what I do best and what I’ve done most consistently over the years! I […]

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Yolanda Johnson 2009

Yolanda Johnson (2009)

Yolanda Johnson, a Brooklyn native, proves that the apple doesn’t fall too far from the tree. Johnson, the daughter of 70’s mellow soul master Samuel Jonathan Johnson, and cousin to Charlie, Ronnie, and Robert Wilson of the Gap Band, has been writing music since the age of five. When asked […]

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Astral22 2009

Astral22 (2009)

NYC native, Los Angeles resident, songwriter/producer/podcaster/label founder ASTRAL22 (Armand Tulumello) began creating music on an old reel to reel in his basement at age 11. “I’ve always had the music in me, and I knew I needed to bring it out”. “I am a creator, connector, and a good listener. […]

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