Summer Hiatus

Summer Hiatus

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To our S​I.com family:Summer Hiatus

DJ Soulswede ​will be​ ​taking​ a summer hiatus ​from​ presenting interviews and from The Soulinterviews Radio Show on Solar Radio​.​ ​

Interviews will resume in late August, as will the Soulinterviews Radio Show (​in​ the ​same ​slot – same day and time – on September the 1st). During the hiatus, we will ​be ​air​ing​ repeats of ​some of ​our previous​ ​shows.

There is a wealth of interviews up on the site, so you can spend your summer listening to your favorite people from the music world share their thoughts about life, music, and themselves!

Be sure to keep an eye on our calendar for an updated interview schedule. You don’t want to miss out!

We wish you all a wonderful and soulful summer​!​

​Remember – t​he Soulinterviews Radio Show on Solar Radio ​will be​ back on September the 1st​!​


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