Studio Upgrades

Studio upgrades

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Dear SI.com family,

I just wanted to come by and say that we are slowly getting there with upgrading the “Soulinterviews Quiet Studio” for the future. In the meantime the modem and router broke down, so we have also been out of internet connection in the studio for about week.

But…a new router is on the way, our new recording software is installed and I just wait for some technical assistance. I am a music journalist, not a studio engineer and I am doing this the independent way. Feel me? 😉

I expect that we can start do interviews and publish radio shows within the next days. Sorry for the delay and thanks for your patience.

Wishing you all a very soulful rest of the year.

Much love

DJ Soulswede (aka Souly)
Soulinterviews.com Founder ad Music Journalist

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