Soulperfreesia 2015

Soulpersona & Princess Freesia (2015)

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Soulperfreesia 2015Soulpersona is musician, producer, remixer, arranger and founder of the Digisoul label. From the well received underground success of his debut Soulacoaster album, SoulP has gone on to produce and release the highly acclaimed “The Lapdancer” a concept album starring Princess Freesia as her alter ego Avalon Lexus.

SoulP has worked alongside many soulful artists from across the globe, including Princess Freesia, Darien, Sibel Thrasher, RAMP (Roy Ayers Music Production) Deborah Jordan, Replife, Kia Bennett,, Oliver Cheatham, and his good friend and mentor Jocelyn Brown, who gave him his first break in 2002. He has also produced official remixes for Jocelyn Brown, Charlie Wilson, Jody Watley, Yoyo Honey, Deborah Bond, Light Of The World and many more… Read more

SoulP has gone on to work as Musical Director for his idol Leon Ware as well as Jean Carne, The Valentine Brothers. Sheree Brown Shirley Jones (The Jones Girls) and The Emotions with his Digisoul Band.

SoulP’s releases include “The Lapdancer” featuring the awe inspiring vocals and writing skills of Princess Freesia, as well as producing “In The Middle” the first single from the forthcoming Jocelyn Brown & Soulpersona “Raregroove” album. All albums are available on iTunes & Amazon MP3 worldwide.

Princess Freesia, from the depths of the Thustleberry on her home planet, Freesia Prime, this curious creature fluttered from the stellarspheres to weave a new kind of magic into Terrans with her cosmotic recipe for Ticklish Tweeter Titillations. Drawing from the magic of the Thustleberry, Freesia weaves and whisks, sonic sieves and beats a bisque, coos a dewy dulce dream and loves a larksong into luscious listenability.

Her debut album, “The Rainbow Ride” takes a journey through the dense and steamy jungles of soulful, sultry funk, the soft, cooling waters of mellowed 70s and 80s inspired Rare Groove, and then rockets through the cosmos in seasoned disco style to land comfortably nestled amongst the exotic, hypnotic, highly erotic Freesian Fields of electro-inspired nu jazz.

In addition to her own Thustleberry musings, Princess Freesia injects her technicolor dreamscape into the coronary artery of Digisoul’s rock steady heart. What’s more, she brings with her the warm, pulsing glow of the antipodean sunshine from where she hails. One could muse over Freesia’s influences and over-analyse her distinctively instinctive ‘sound’ for days on end, but to fully comprehend digisoul’s very own Femme Fatal, it only takes one listen – and you’ll be rocketed away on the stellar rainbow ride of your life.

As a vocalist, her effortless range, versatility and melodic and harmonic experimentations will leave you dumb struck. Her songwriting will impress upon you some form of science fictionalized dickensian disco eroticism, that will have your head spinning in a rhythm of her choosing. Whether she’s flexing her impeccable production talents on one of her own magnum opus’s or guesting as front woman for her creative comrades, you’ll be charmed and delighted as the Freesianaught eases into your soul.

Freesia’s been working on a number of Digisoul projects, primarily with Soulpersona (SoulP). The first from this perfect partnership can be heard on SoulP’s Soularcoaster album. To follow shortly will be his concept album THE LAPDANCER PROJECT in which SoulP and Freesia explore the world of Ava Lexus in retroriffic film flair.

And now a few words from the fresh Freesh herself:

So you wanna know more, ehh? You curious little Lovelighters, haven’t you surmised???? I’m a bit off-centre, a bit “whoa hey, slooow down there partner”, a touch of old skool soul mingled with a minge of classic madness…

I’m a Freesia, a poetess, an aspiring mountain goat (the goatee might be a welcome touch), a puddle of sweat and salt, the rival ruffly ruminating revolutionary, a pedal on the wind of a foot of a Thespian, a cupcake fanatic…

I’m a little bit country and a frackload of rock n roll. Shall we dine on Thustleberry wine, you HOXXXY swine??!

Now go-go-gadget HOXXXERS’n’HOXXXETTES, go impose to PURR-pose that Lovelight Levy! 😉

Keep your ears peeled for the Fervent Freesian Frisk as she continues to unfurl her taffeta tendrils…

Digisoul, The Home of Soulpersona & Princess Freesia


00 – Intro – Soulpersona & Princess Freesia – Fast Forward (Fast Forward, 2015)
01 –  Jody Watley – Sanctuary (Soulpersona Raregrooves Remix) (Paradise, 2014, EP)
02 – Princess Freesia – Gonna Be Alright (The Rainbow Ride, 2012)
03 – Princess Freesia – Between The Sheets (Freesia’s Isley Grind) (The Hoxxxy Demos, 2012)
04 – Soulpersona & Princess Freesia – You Did It Again (Fast Forward, 2015)
05 – Soulpersona & Princess Freesia – Fast Forward (Fast Forward, 2015)
06 – Soulpersona & Princess Freesia – Give It Up (Fast Forward, 2015)

Background music during the interview:

Soulpersona – Freesias Late Night Fantasy (feat. Princess Freesia), Soulpersona & Princess Freesia – Sold Reprise (Bonus Track), Princess Freesia – Freesia, Princess Freesia – Playgrind, Princess Freesia – Stellar Sight, Princess Freesia – The Different Sounds, Soulperfreesia – Don’t You Wanna Be My Baby

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