Samantha James 2013 Withdrawn

Samantha James (2013)

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Interview with Samantha James withdrawn

“I have worked with DJ Soulswede for several years now. I know him to be a credible individual who devotes an enormous amount of time to his craft. The interviews that he puts out are “in depth”, and that is not just a phrase used for promotional purposes. Life has many turns, and this is reflected in his interviews, which present well rounded audio snapshots of the subject being interviewed. We are sorry to have seen this interview be withdrawn, but that was at the request of Ms. James. That request is being honored. DJ Soulswede will continue to offer cutting edge, in-depth interviews to his discerning audience.”

Bonnie Cehovet  
Publicity & Media Relations

Letter from Samantha James:

To My Fans,

It’s been a minute since you have heard from me. I just recently had an interview planned to air this Sunday with Dj Soulswede ( http://www.soulinterviews.com/ ) but after deep review I decided it was best to pull the current interview. My energy is about moving forward and not look too much to the past. So that being said, look for another interview with me in the near future with news about new Samantha James music.

Till then,

Be so blessed,

Samantha James

Publishers comment:

I have done many interviews over the years, and this is actually the first time an interview has been withdrawn by the artist. I worked very hard to make this interview happen, and I also put many hours into the editing and mixing (which also includes comments from Samantha James’ producer). Her first two albums were heavily influenced by the sad losses of both her parents at an young age, and the subsequent healing process. In discussing those two releases it was natural for us to touch on those topics to get an understanding of her deep, emotional, and sometimes almost metaphysical songwriting. I respect Samantha James’ decision to withdrawn this interview, but I am very sad that I am not able to share it with you. Both doing interview and the doing editing have been an emotional journey for me. On Soulinterviews.com we do in-depth interviews. For those artists who are not interested in that, we are probably not the right place for you. Feel free to comment on the topic but please be respectful. Thanks.

I wish Samantha James all the best on her musical journey.


DJ Soulswede

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