Rachel Brown 2008

Rachel Brown (2008)

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Rachel Brown 2008In a world of overnight sensations, Rachel Brown has come from the road less traveled. In an era where most singers are “auto-tuned,” manufactured and packaged for entertainment value, Rachel Brown brings the total package to the table; A powerful, yet sophisticated blend of beauty and exceptional NATURAL vocal talent.

A mainstay in the South Florida entertainment market for nearly decade, RACHEL has become a local favorite, performing in various five star venues throughout Ft. Lauderdale, Miami and the Palm Beaches. Reviewers of RACHEL’s work repeatedly say that audiences experience a rare and powerful harmony the likes of that reserved for names like Celine, Whitney or Mariah… Read more

A versatile studio singer as well as a premiere entertainer, RACHEL has opened for or performed with industry veterans such as Ann Nesby, John P. Kee, Dorothy Norwood and Cameo.

RACHEL’s passion for music flows through her blood and fills her heart and soul. That is why in 2006 she began work on her first CD which features a delicate blend of R&B dance grooves, love songs, and inspirational messages. “I want my music to move my listeners not just on the dance floor….but to encourage, motivate and heal, ” states RACHEL. “Singing is a natural high for me. It takes me to another realm. Those are the feelings I want my audience to experience too. I want them to be moved through my music, to feel transported.” That’s what RACHEL’s voice will do to you: warmly invite you in, take you on a new journey and inspire you to embrace your passion. Be it via the uptempo dance groove “Spend The Night,” the classic R&B cover “Don’t Ask My Neighbor,” or the inspirational “Rise Again,” once you’ve arrived in RACHEL’s world you WILL want to linger. Bring your passport and get ready for the ride.

Listening to RACHEL as she wraps her silky, sensuous voice around her latest tunes is like taking a drive on a summer day, cruising with the top down as the warm breeze blows through your hair, smooth R&B flowing from radio. It’s a journey that celebrates the vast richness and musical diversity of Soul and Contemporary R&B. With perfect intonation, fresh interpretation and pure musicality as her trademarks, RACHEL carves a new path on her debut CD, “Love, Life & Relationships,” which showcases her impeccable voice. Her compelling vocals move easily between hip hop, R&B, quiet storm slow jams and neo soul, seamlessly blending the sounds into a colorful, pulsating whole. Her passion for the music she’s chosen shines through as she fills each tune with life and energy, satisfying listeners of all persuasions.

Born and raised in Lufkin, Texas, RACHEL grew up like many of her diva idols singing in the church. RACHEL’s own musical journey began at the age of 6 when she started singing and studying classical piano. She sang in choirs and gospel groups while attending grade school through high school.

RACHEL has performed internationally and locally at festivals and major venues. Always busy, on any given night you might find her performing at the premiere night spots throughout South Florida such as the Hyatt Pier 66, the Las Olas Riverfront, or you might even catch her at major sporting arenas singing the Star Spangled Banner, or entertaining the corporate club level clientele at Miami Dolphin Stadium.

It doesn’t require a crystal ball to predict that you’ll be hearing much more from RACHEL BROWN.

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00 – Astral22 feat. CJ Anthony – Intro Song
01 – Rachel Brown – Let”s Fall In Love Again (Love, Life & Relationships, 2008)
02 – Rachel Brown – Learn To Love Me (Love, Life & Relationships, 2008)
03 – Rachel Brown – Rise Again (Love, Life & Relationships, 2008)
04 – Rachel Brown – Just A Girl (Love, Life & Relationships, 2008)

Background music during the interview:

Rachel Brown – Weekend, Rachel Brown – Do What You Do, Rachel Brown – Don”t Ask My Neighbor, Rachel Brown – Where Did We Go Wrong, Rachel Brown – Spend The Night, Rachel Brown – Thank You, Rachel Brown – My Child, Rachel Brown – Make It Official, Rachel Brown – Promise Of Love (The Wedding Song)

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