Prince RIP 2016

Prince – A Lifetime of Memories

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Prince RIP 2016
Mozart of The 21st Century

When I write this, a day has passed. A day since I read the news. A day since I first broke down in tears.

It may seem silly to some. Why mourn someone you never met? I suspect that those are people who’ve never been touched by music. Not really.

You, Prince, had a bigger impact on my life than I ever had the chance to tell you. I’ll do it now.

While I never got to meet you, I was a kid when I first got to know you through the radio. It was the early 90’s and I was intrigued by what hit my ears. I knew it was filthy cute and baby I liked the way it sounded.

I became mesmerized by Diamonds & Pearls. By hearing that I was The Most Beautiful Girl in the World. By learning that “all that glitters ain’t gold”.

I asked my mother why you had changed your name into a symbol. I can’t remember what she told me. It was weird. Never heard of. And part of what turned you into a magical mystery to me.

As a teenager I would fall for some other people. But you were still on the back of my mind.

Prince RIP 2016
Prince Rogers Nelson

Then, a little over a decade ago, I rediscovered your genius. Musicology was released. The music made my heart pound, it got my pulse going, my feet moving. More albums followed and I became more and more intoxicated by the sounds and sights. New and old. 3121, Dirty Mind, Lotusflower, Crystal Ball. What a variety, what a man!

You were the reason for so many wonderful memories. I saw you four times and they were the best concert experiences I’ve ever had. It was like being teleported into another realm of existence, filled with beauty and emotions. I’m so grateful I took the chance when I had it.

I have spent countless hours listening to you. Talking about you. Analyzing your music and your artistry. Writing about you. Criticizing you. Loving you. There were so many sides to you and that’s what made you exciting.

You taught me to appreciate good musicianship. The beauty of all different kinds of genres.

You taught me to accept people for who they are. To embrace different sides of me. To enjoy the community an interest can create and talk to new people. To dream and be creative.

Going through social media the past twenty-four hours it becomes obvious that I was far from the only one you touched in such a profound way. You inspired a lot of people. Somehow we never seemed to

RIP Prince 2016
Rest in Peace

expect you to leave us. Your persona transcended everything mortal.

I’m heartbroken that the world has lost such a creative and inspirational person that challenged race and gender norms. Music norms. A person who didn’t conform to social etiquettes. I am heartbroken that my hero has passed away.

I used to dream about being one of your dancers. Once I was close to being one, even if just for a minute.

In my mind, I keep on dancing with you. You sexy motherfucker.

Rest In Peace, Prince.

Katharina Rumpf for Soulinterviews.com

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