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Out Da Box TV is proud to bring you an exclusive new episode featuring the amazing Jazz Vocalist “Gregory Porter”. We got a chance to chat with Gregory at a recent New York City Show. He took the time to speak with us on a number of enlightening topics, beginning with his upbringing in music and his mother’s influence on his singing. He also touched on making the transition from a College Football Scholarship to a Music Career and went on to express ways in which we can encourage our youth to be more open minded to embracing Jazz Music.

As the interview progressed, Gregory took a moment to speak on his vocal recording approach as well as the impact of his recent Grammy Nomination. In concluding, he expressed what he strives to achieve during his live performances and emphasized his goals and aspirations for the future of his music career. Gregory’s latest album entitled “Be Good” is in stores now along with his Grammy Nominated Jazz Album “Water”. Both are two extremely amazing releases I recommend you check for.

We give much thanks to Gregory Porter, his publicist team and record label Motema Music for granting us this special interview opportunity. Gregory is one of the greatest vocal talents that this generation of soul and jazz is currently witnessing, and we wish him much continued success as his career progresses.

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