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In an ever-changing music industry, which right now seems to be upside-down and without a specific direction, it’s getting more and more important as an artist to deliver something unique, and maybe most of all, make the fans and record buyers understand what the artist is trying to say. Commercial radio and all other major media outlets are dependent on advertisers, readers/listeners, subscribers, newspaper buyers and the money from major labels to get their music played on the most important radio stations. When money is involved there is always a risk that statements are being misunderstood, and maybe most common, being manipulated or changed to increase the interest from the buyers, readers or listeners and finally the advertisers, sponsors – those with money.

I don’t blame record labels or other media outlets for having the main focus on income and business. That’s how any business works. But the main difference with the music industry, as opposed to many other industries, is the relation between the labels “products”, i.e. the artists and their artistic integrity. They are not always in sync with each other.

Artists Doing Radio

Soulinterviews.com will now offer something new … a selection of specially invited artists will be making their own 30 minute radio show as part of The Soulinterviews Radio Show on Solar Radio, the UK’s leading soul music station. The Soulinterviews Radio Show is also being syndicated on other stations worldwide, and uploaded as a podcast on the Soulinterviews.com after it has been aired twice (repeat the week after) on Solar Radio.

These 30 minutes belong to the artists 100%, and they record the radio show themselves. The topic is left to their discretion … life, love, politics, music memories, family, friends etc. etc. We give the artist an opportunity to “speak out” without interruption, and without having someone else telling them what to say and how to say it.


We kick off on April the 8th at 07:00 pm EST (United States) / 23:59 pm UK with David Frank, world renowned music producer and one half of pioneering electrosoul duo The System. David has also promised to do one show together with his good friend and System partner Mic Murphy. The duo just released a critically acclaimed comeback album entitled “System Overload“. Tune in on Solar Radio.


Some very popular artists have already confirmed … we will inform you as soon as we get their radio show sent to us. We recommend that you subscribe to our Newsletter – just add your e-mail address in the subscription box on the landing page of Soulinterviews.com.

Stay tuned!

DJ Soulswede (aka Souly) through Bonnie Cehovet
Founder & Publisher

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