Myshel 2012

Myshel (2012)

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Myshel 2012“Singing to the world is not far from me. It belongs to me. Destined to be. It is written and sealed upon my life. This is my reason for breathing.” ~ Myshel

Myshel’s voice has a tone that runs deep into the veins whose lyrics touch the center of the heart and a sound that stirs the very soul. Myshel’s experiences honed her artistry on a world stage filled with culture while traveling with her missionary father to Trinidad, Tobago, El Salvador, Venezuela, Johannesburg and her mother’s homeland of Ghana. Their journeys not only deeply impacted Myshel’s appreciation for diversity, but shaped her perspective as a singer and songwriter… Read more

Singing in different countries clearly revealed to me the transcending power of music. The faces of people from different walks of life, confirm that the music speaks a universal language that is deeply felt, believed and embraced. It is an honor to be gifted with such a powerful means of expression.

For Myshel, music is much like a living, breathing being that must be respected, protected and allowed to be what it is. It has the power to be reckless, or motivate and inspire. Her love for the art form has transformed the lyrics of her highly anticipated release into a powerfully honest expression that she believes will articulate something beautiful to every listener.

“I want to die emptied, not giving the grave even a small piece of my precious dream. So I’ve been working very hard for many, many years to tangibly release, see and experience all of what I’ve only seen in my imagination for all these years.”

Myshel’s tenacious spirit, despite some major disappointments, has not gone unnoticed. In addition to winning the Atlantis Music Conference songwriting competition with over 2000 entries, she has worked with R&B singers Kelly Price and Tamia; as well as American Idols Mandisa, Stacy Orrico, Gospel Hip Hop artist Toby Mac and award winning music producer Don Moen. Billboard Underground, which provides the opportunity for unsigned artists to debut in front of music moguls, taste-makers, and influential press, dubbed Myshel as “One to watch.”

The multi-talented Kentucky native also uses her work as the former Miss Tennessee State University Queen and Miss National Black Hall of Fame to inspire women to look beyond the surface to the radiant queen inside of them. Amazing still is Myshel’s work as a visual artist. She will spotlight some of her paintings on her upcoming music project Relentless, set for release later this year.

Myshel is clear that she is an artist whose gifts are for the entire globe. Poised and ready to step on to the scene to give the world her all. Music is all around her, rhythm is inside of her, a song is inevitable.

Biography courtesy of Michael Wilkins.

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01 – Myshel – Don’t Leave Me Behind (Relentless, 2012)
02 – Myshel – Move On (Promo)
03 – Myshel – Tell Me (Relentless, 2012)
04 – Myshel – Sometimes (Promo)
05 – Myshel – Rain (Relentless, 2012)

Background music during the interview:

Myshel – Love Me Again, Myshel – Relentless, Myshel – Still Believe In Love, Myshel – Breath For You, Myshel – Enough, Myshel – I’ll Be Back, Myshel – Survivor, Myshel – Relentless

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