Lori Jenaire 2008

Lori Jenaire (2008)

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Lori Jenaire 2008Lori Jenaire is emerging dramatically on the music scene, rapidly carving her niche in the world of neo-jazz/soul. The name and sound of this Chicago native may not be familiar to you, but various projects which have been blessed with her creativity, have taken the entertainment industry by storm. Jenaire has been paying her dues for the last decade with live and studio background gigs, opening dates for top entertainers and shows in night clubs and jazz festivals across the Country. .

In addition to being an accomplished vocalist, Lori is an outstanding songwriter and a talented musician who is skillful on guitar, bass and piano. In fact, along with several national advertising jingles , for Coca-Cola, GE, and United Way, it is her voice we hear as the featured vocalist on Stanley Clark’s soundtrack for the movie. “Funny Valentines” starring Alfre Woodard and Loretta Divine. In her T.V. debut, her persona and music was featured on the Emmy award winning PBS documentary “Colores” and in the hit comedy/drama “Girlfriends”… Read more

Bolding stepping in the footprints of, Phyllis Hyman, Anita Baker and yes, Sarah Vaughn even, Lori Jenaire’s presence, a statuesque 6-foot-tall beauty with scintillating vocals, conjures up images of divas from an era past.

Her debut on the Dance/Club scene produced a smash remix of “You Know How to Love Me” achieving Bullet status on the Billboard top 20 Dance Charts and Grammy consideration.

With her sophomore release, aptly titled, “Fruition,” on NBE Records, Jenaire solidifies her stance in the music game. The twelve song selection weaves a magical web of rhythms that whirl, sway and weave with seduction and sultry sophistication. “Fruition” is the culmination of inner soul stirrings laid bare.

Lori Jenaire is the voice of yesterday, fused with today, culminating into tomorrow.

Feast your ears to the incredible sounds of this unique and talented artist, and welcome to a world of a voice you cannot forget – the voice of LORI JENAIRE.

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00 – Soulinterviews.com Theme Song by Myshel (and Kinsith Ent.)
01 – Lori Jenaire – Keep On (Within Reach, 2002)
02 – Lori Jenaire – Matter Of Time (Fruition, 2007)
03 – Lori Jenaire – Danger Zone (Fruition, 2007)
04 – Lori Jenaire – Pieces (Fruition, 2007)

Background music during the interview:

Lori Jenaire – Stay Strong, Phyllis Hyman – Be Careful (How You Treat My Love), Lori Jenaire – Unexpected Storm, Lori Jenaire – Pictures, Lori Jenaire – Better Now, Lori Jenaire – Lately, Lori Jenaire – You Know How To Love Me (House Remix), Lori Jenaire – Dontcha Wanna Know, Lori Jenaire – Can”t Tell You, Lori Jenaire – Under The Moon And Over The Sky.

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