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LeVert II (2007)

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RIP Gerald LevertThe mid 80’s and 90’s were great years for R&B/Soul music and produced some of the most beloved and talented male groups. And during that time, one of the most successful and endearing powerhouses was the R&B trio LeVert. Formed in Cleveland, Ohio in 1984, LeVert was a dominant force on the music charts and created a successful blueprint for urban male groups. The trio’s formula of combining soulful ballads and up-tempo beats with catchy hooks produced a dynamic catalog of music to be enjoyed for many years to come.

The original group was comprised of Gerald and Sean LeVert, the sons of O’Jays founder Eddie LeVert, and lifelong friend Marc Gordon. The trio was a popular mainstay on urban radio delivering a string of popular records such as I Get Hot, Bloodline, The Big Throwdown, Just Coolin’, Rope a Dope Style, For Real Tho’ and Whole Scenario. LeVert racked up hit singles such as “(Pop Pop Pop) Goes My Mind,” “Casanova,” “Baby I’m Ready,” “Addicted to You,” and “Just Coolin” featuring Heavy D… Read more

Growing up Marc and Gerald always knew that music was their destiny. They spent long days and sleepless nights in the basement writing songs, recording and practicing dance moves. Gerald’s younger brother Sean soon developed the same passion and joined the group.

But LeVert’s road to stardom was not paved with industry hook-ups or doors that magically opened because of the LeVert name. Instead, they were often met with resistance and skepticism. Although frustrated at times they remained focused and fought hard for the opportunity to live their dream. And in time all of the pieces fell into place. Atlantic Records signed them to a record deal and the industry soon took notice. They were confident that if given the opportunity the music would speak for itself. And it did – over and over again.

The duo continued to turn heads and formed Trevel Productions in 1987. Gerald and Marc went on to produce and develop other successful recording artists like the Rude Boys and Men at Large. Whether churning out hits for LeVert or creating hot tracks for other artists Gerald and Marc had the midas touch.

For more than 10 years, LeVert followed the beat of its own drum and left a lasting impression in the hearts and minds of R&B/Soul music lovers across the world. But in 1995, group members decided to pursue individual opportunities. Gerald went on to conquer the music industry as a successful solo artist, songwriter and producer. He also transitioned into acting and landed guest appearances on top rated television shows such as The Jamie Foxx Show and The Parkers.

Marc relocated to Los Angeles and continued a career in music production and writing. He worked with a variety of successful recording artists such as IMX, Marques Houston and Musiq SoulChild. Sean also pursued a solo career and often performed with both his father and brother. He added actor to his resume and appeared in several inspirational stage plays such as “Casino,” “The Man I Used to Be,” and “Will a Real Man Stand Up. “ However, they still yearned to reunite and give their loyal fans more music.

But before a LeVert reunion could be fulfilled tragedy struck. On November 10, 2006, the music world lost a timeless voice with the death of Gerald Levert. With heavy hearts Marc and Sean picked up the pieces and focused on the future. “I know exactly what Gerald would have wanted us to do. So, we’re moving forward in a positive direction with a positive attitude. I know that Gerald is both pleased and proud of us,” stated Sean.


So, with the blessing of patriach Eddie Levert, Marc and Sean formed LEVERT II and went back into the studio. After diligently searching to find a third member who possessed all of the right qualities, Sean and Marc were soon joined by new member Blaq Rose and their chemistry was undeniable. A talented singer, songwriter and producer in his own right, Blaq Rose has worked with some of the top names in the music industry including Dr. Dre, K-Ci and JoJo, Anthony Hamilton and Christina Milian. With a renewed since of purpose LEVERT II began creating new music. Sean, Marc & Blaq Rose hunkered down in the studio and the lyrics and harmonies began to flow.

Appropriately entitled DEDICATION, the project was originally intended to be a tribute to Gerald however before its completion life would deal another devastating blow with the death of Sean Levert on March 30, 2008. “I was really excited when we got back together to start working on a LeVert reunion album because it was long overdue,” said Marc. “The last few years have been very difficult and we’ve endured heartache that mere words can’t describe. We’re going forward the way that we all do in life and in the way that our brothers would have wanted us to,” Marc added.

DEDICATION is the debut CD from LEVERT II and will be released on December 6, 2011 as a joint venture between KES Record Group and 9311 Entertainment Group. The posthumous project is a blend of soulful ballads like “Anywhere,” “Cold Blooded,” “Understand You,” “Superman,” the Reverbnation.com Top-Ten hit “Superstar” and “My Brotha” featuring Sean Levert, Jr. Now, more than ever before, Marc and Blaq Rose are committed to honoring the legacies of their fallen brothers and have dedicated the upcoming release to them both. The current singles “What A Woman” featuring the legendary O’Jays and “Hey Love’ are impacting airplay and generating a strong buzz among industry insiders.

According to Marc, “DEDICATION is a true labor of love. Getting to this point has been a long and painful journey. But we’re rejoicing in the moment and looking forward to the future.” For more information on LEVERT II, log onto www.Levert2.com or www.facebook.com/Levert2.

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