In Memory of Leon Ware

Leon Ware (2012)

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In Memory of Leon WareQuietly – by choice – Leon Ware has been steadily planting seeds of love and sensuality by way of songs…songs distinguished by the sophistication of jazz chords, soul pulses, dream pop and blue-lit basement hues that alert those who listen that the time has arrived to draw the blinds, pour the wine and pull back the bed sheets. Love’s fever rises eminent. He’s been making musical miracles happen since the mid-`60s… with songs so etched into the fabric of romance, they are too often taken for granted… Read more

Ware’s words have become one with the finest voices ever to seduce lovers’ earlobes – musical masters such as a young Michael Jackson crying his heart out on the AM radio gem “I Wanna Be Where You Are “ from his very first solo Lp. 2012 marks that milestone’s 40th Anniversary. Marvin Gaye definitively defined desire on the Grammy-nominated masterstroke I Want You, a song suite – also featuring “After the Dance,” “Come Live With Me Angel” and “Since I Had You” – which was originally a Leon Ware album that Marvin begged to be his. From Minnie Riperton’s rapturous “Inside My Love” to Donny Hathaway’s reverent “I Know it’s You,” Ware’s magic carpet ride of influence resonates right on into today – whether collaborating with Quincy Jones on Body Heat (also featuring “If I Ever Lose This Heaven” – both sung by Leon) or Maxwell on his sumptuous debut “Sumthin’ Sumthin’,” rap icons 2Pac and A Tribe Called Quest sampling his Wares, jazz giants Gato Barbieri and Fourplay melting into his melodies, and pop-rock superstars Madonna and Todd Rundgren covering his classics.

What so few remember and many more never knew is that since `72, Leon Ware – The Artist – has been crafting amazing recordings of his own – 12 to date with telling titles like Musical Massage, Love’s Drippin’, Taste the Love, Moon Ride, Candlelight (with jazz man Don Grusin) and the provocatively prophetic Rockin’ You Eternally – well over a hundred performances ever-ripe for discovery. As a singer and composer, Ware has cultivated a fervent and constantly growing international fan base comprised of connoisseurs of groove, mood and timeless vibe – and there is always room for more.

Quintessentially – as only his innate artistry will allow – Leon Ware continues to exercise his imagination in delightfully unexpected ways. At 71, he is performing on stage more now than in any other decade with shows in Los Angeles, Manhattan, Montreux, Tokyo and Holland, with Germany slated next. He is writing a children’s tome with an accompanying soundtrack. And he is still a vibrant creative influence on present day stars – be it newcomer Theophilus London jacking his fashion swagger or soul son Raphael Saadiq sending him a shout-out within the music of his latest CD.

Leon Ware – more than merely a legendary songwriter, he is The Sensual Minister – “The All the Way Around Renaissance Man of Sexy-Sexy Soul.”

Biography courtesy of Carol Ware.

The Official Website of Leon Ware


01 – Marvin Gaye – I Want You (I Want You, 1976)
02 – Leon Ware – The Spirit Never Dies (Leon Ware, 1972)
03 – Leon Ware w. Minnie Riperton – Instant Love (Musical Massage, 1976)
04 – Leon Ware – Rockin’ You Eternally (Rockin’ You Eternally, 1981)
05 – Marvin Gaye – I Want You (Snippet) (I Want You, 1976)
06 – Leon Ware – Sweet Tears (A Kiss In The Sand, 2004)
07 – Leon Ware – On The Beach (Atjazz Love Soul Remix, 2011)

Background music during the interview:

John Serrie – Mother Spirit, Leon Ware – Mr Evolution, John Serrie – Wind Walker, Leon Ware – Journey Into You, Isley Brothers – Got To Have You Back, John Serrie – Heart Of The Mothership, Leon Ware – Hungry, Leon Ware – Come Live With Me Angel, Leon Ware – If I Evere Lose This Heaven, Leon Ware – Musical Massage, Leon Ware – Hands On My Heart

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