Lenny Hamilton Jr 2010

Lenny Hamilton Jr (2010)

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Lenny Hamilton JrHowdy! I’m a producer / writer / musician currently based out of Nashville, Tennessee [USA]. In a nutshell, I love to make music! Most of my life has revolved around music.. and it is by far what I do best and what I’ve done most consistently over the years!

I grew up listening to just about anything I could get my hands on. There was always lots of soul, R&B, 70s disco.. you name it! I was in love with Natalie Cole when I was 6 years old (my first singer-obsession). I soon discovered ‘Songs In The Key Of Life’. I was too young to fully understand and appreciate Stevie Wonder’s genius at the time. But, it is amazing that I am still listening to that album more than 30 years later… Read more

I was lucky enough to grow up as a teen in an era with lots of great music. Then.. when Prince came on the scene with ‘Purple Rain’ in 1984, a whole new world opened up for me. I found an appreciation for music that transcends genre, race, culture, etc. Today, I definitely have very diverse, eclectic tastes in music; I love that. You should see my THREE iPods! I’d say my main influences have been people like Stevie Wonder, Natalie Cole, Luther Vandross, Sade, Seal, Oleta Adams, Bryan Loren, Chuckii Booker, Daryl Coley, Sting, Nile Rodgers, Jeff Lorber, Jam & Lewis, David Gamson, and of course.. Prince (who inspired me to pursue a music career in the 1st place).

After graduating from University of Miami (with a degree in marketing), I imagined my endeavor as a aspiring recording artist would continue as planned. I figured I would be able to work in the marketing field if this whole singing career thing didn’t work out. Yet, I was surprised to discover I had other interests relating to all things ‘technical’ and ‘behind the scenes’. I even went back to school for audio engineering.. finishing at the top of my class and feeling re-energized within a very competitive field. But, I had been neglecting my first love of producing, writing, and just making good music.

These days I am embarking on a whole new journey in my career. I am excited to be able to put everything that I have learned over the years into a full-length album (‘WAYOUT’). I am working to become more visible professionally and bring more awareness to what I do as a musician, producer, writer, arranger, etc. I definitely have found my voice artistically and personally. I really love having the freedom to work in a more independent music environment.. it is quite inspiring. The music business has changed drastically over the years.. so.. I don’t have many rules anymore other than ‘just do it!’ My feeling is.. if you want something in life or career, you have to go get it.. believe in yourself.. have passion.. and never give up on a desire to do what you love. If there is something you are looking to do in life.. do it right now!

One thing that I am really proud of is the way I’ve always been able to make what little technology I’ve had over the years sound good. In my earlier recordings, I did my best to be more clever in my approach to producing and building layers of instruments.. because I didn’t have an unlimited amount of resources. I was forced to use a great deal of restraint, yet I had to figure out a way to make everything sound as professional as possible. Not much has changed since then. At times it can be a little challenging to achieve the sonic quality I’d like. But, I didn’t want to let anything keep me from moving forward or cause me to question whether or not my work holds up to any standards out there. Life is not long enough to waste time wondering if you are good enough, worrying about what people are going to think, or feeling limited in any way. These days I feel ‘at home’ in those big studios with all the bells and whistles.. because at the end of the day.. give me just a few basic pieces of recording gear and I can do anything!

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01 – Lenny Hamilton Jr – Be (WAYOUT: Portfolio Vol. 1, 2010)
02 – Lenny Hamilton Jr – Bring it Back (WAYOUT: Portfolio Vol. 1, 2010)
03 – Prince – Purple Rain (Purple Rain: Soundtrack, 1984) (Snippet)
04 – Lenny Hamilton Jr – Beat Goe Zon (WAYOUT: Portfolio Vol. 1, 2010)
05 – Lenny Hamilton Jr – Run (WAYOUT: Portfolio Vol. 1, 2010)
06 – Lenny Hamilton Jr – OutTheBox (WAYOUT: Portfolio Vol. 1, 2010)

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Lenny Hamilton Jr – Wayout, Lenny Hamilton Jr – The One, Lenny Hamilton Jr – Sistah, George Duke – Brazilian Love Affair, Stevie Wonder – Black Man, Prince – When Doves Cry, Lenny Hamilton Jr – Cameo Life, Lenny Hamilton Jr – Believe In Me, Lenny Hamilton Jr – Come On Over, Lenny Hamilton Jr – The One, Lenny Hamilton Jr – Walk Away, Lenny Hamilton Jr – What”s UP!

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