L.J. Reynolds 2012

L.J. Reynolds (2012)

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L.J. Reynolds 2012L.J. Reynolds, who previously began to master his craft as the lead singer of the Relations and next with Chocolate Syrup, burst onto the scene in 1972 as the new lead singer of The Dramatics. The group had one album, (Whatcha’ See is Whatcha Get, 1971) and two hit records (Whatcha’ See is Whatcha Get and In the Rain) when L.J blended his powerful, dynamic vocals with sharp, rich Dramatics harmony. What ensued was a cascade of hits and fan favorites that include the top 10 ‘Fell For You’ (A Dramatic Experience, 1973), ‘And I Panicked’ (Dramatically Yours, 1974), ‘Door To Your Heart'(The Dells vs. The Dramatics, 1974), ‘(I’m Going By) The Stars In Your Eyes’, ‘Me And Mrs. Jones’ (The Dramatic Jackpot, 1975), ‘Just Shopping (Not Buying Anything)’, ‘Come Out Of Your Thing'(Drama V, 1975), ‘Be My Girl’, ‘I Can’t Get Over You’ (Joy Ride, 1976), ‘Do What You Wanna To Do’, ‘Stop Your Weeping’ (Do What You Wanna To Do, 1978), ‘That’s My Favorite Song’ (Any Time, Any Place, 1979), ‘It Ain’t Rainin’ (On Nobody’s House But Mine)’, and ‘Be With The One You Love’ (10 ½, 1980) as well as countless others… Read more

In 1980, L.J. Reynolds embarked on a solo career and released his first self titled album. The first single, ‘Ain’t No woman Like My Baby’, was a smooth and sensual song. The second single release, ‘Key to the World’ (L.J. Reynolds, 1981) proved to be the biggest hit from the album and became his signature song. An international success transcending time and cultures, the song is embraced still today, the world over. L.J.’s own rendition of ‘Call Me’ (Travelin’, 1982), previously recorded by Aretha Franklin, highlighted his ability to make a classic ‘his own’ and ‘Touchdown’ (Lovin’ Man’, 1984) climbed the charts and marked his growth and as a multiple instrument playing musician as well as a singer and songwriter.

He reunited with the Dramatics in 1985 for the “Somewhere in Time (A Dramatic Reunion)” LP and has remained in the group, occasionally releasing solo albums. ‘Tell Me You Will’ and ‘Tomorrow’ (Tell Me You Will, 1987) were strong singles from the track titled album and with the Dramatics, the group released 2 more albums, “Positive State of Mind” (1989) and “Stone Cold” (1990).

Throughout the 1990s and 2000s, L.J. Reynolds, along with The Dramatics, collaborated with rapper Snoop Dogg on ‘Doggy Dogg World’ (1993) and ‘Ballin’ (2002), released a timeless Christmas Album, (A Dramatic Christmas-The Very Best Christmas of All, 1997), as well as two more albums, “If you Come Back to Me”(1999) and “Look Inside”(2002). He released his first gospel album, “Through the Storm”( 1991) which showcased his still – powerful vocals and range over timeless classics and included a duet with Gladys Knight titled, ‘Jesus is My Kind of People’. To close the century, L.J. released “Love is About to Start” (1999), an album that showcased the depth of his range and versatility with everything from a classic cover of ‘Silly’, to a country/ western/blues tribute, ‘Down on My luck’ and the original ballad titled, ‘Everything is You. ‘

In 2008, L.J. Reynolds released his second Gospel album, The Message, collaborating creative forces with Grammy Award winning producer Michael Powell. The album features six tracks produced by L.J. Reynolds himself and co-produced by musician (keyboards), songwriter, arranger/ producer, Michael Mindingall. The album features ‘Shout’ complete with Reynolds’s family members on the background vocals, a spirit lifting and chart climbing ‘You Can Make It’ and ‘Sunday’, a compassionate ‘Jesus Cares’ and ‘Never Get Too Busy’, and a reflective ‘There’s A Message In This Song’. ‘A Set Time’, is a tribute to songwriter, Kayla Parker and a duet performed with his daughter, La Tonya Reynolds.

In 2010, L.J. Reynolds along with friend and business partner Herb Strather combined their talents to form the Record label, Motor City Hits. Their first CD release, The Motor City Hits, Vol. 1 (2011) features the top 20 ‘Come Get to This / Stepping Out Tonight’ a rendition of a Marvin Gaye tune made ‘his own’ by his refined production and a steppers paradise bonus track that has quickly become a dance favorite. L.J. and the Dramatics also grace Vol.1 with ‘Bad Girl’, a sultry story of passion that moves over a funky, full track that recreates the group once again as a R&B force to be reckoned.

To date, L.J. has just released his new CD called “Get to This” which features the new hit single, ‘Come Get To This / Stepping Out Tonight’ that is sure to embellish on the continued evolution of a music legend.

Special thanks to Bonnie Cehovet for coordinating the interview with Mr Reynolds.

Biography courtesy of Motor City Hits.

Motor City Hits


01 – L.J. Reynolds – Like Crazy (Get To This, 2011)
02 – L.J. Reynolds – Think About It (Snippet) (Get To This, 2011)
03 – L.J. Reynolds – Cheating On Me (Get To This, 2011)
04 – L.J. Reynolds – Key To The World (Snippet) (L.J. Reynolds, 1981)
05 – The Dramatics – Be My Girl (Joy Ride, 1976)
06 – The Dramatics – Fell For You (Snippet) (A Dramatic Experience, 1973)
07 – L.J. Reynolds – Why Do You Do The Things You Do (L.J.Reynolds, 1981)
08 – L.J. Reynolds – Think About It (Get To This, 2011)

Background music during the interview:

L.J. Reynolds – Come Get To This, L.J. Reynolds – Think About It, LJ. Reynolds – Cheating On Me, L.J.Reynolds – Key To The World, Moondog – Tap Dance, The Deep River Boys – By The Light Of The Silvery Moon, L.J.Reynolds & Chocolate Syrup – What’s The Matter Baby, The Dramatics – Whatcha See Is Whatcha Get, The Dramatics – Fell For You, The Dramatics – I Can’t Get Over You, L.J.Reynolds – Lovin’ Man, L.J. Reynolds – I Get The Blues, L.J. Reynolds – You Sure Love To Ball

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