Jody Watley 2015

Jody Watley (2015)

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Jody Watley 2015“I respect my past,” says Grammy-winning singer-songwriter-fashion icon Jody Watley, “but I’m not nostalgic. I hate it when people say, ‘Oh, the good old days…’ Well, the good old days are now, what you make of the now.”

That attitude, which is the core of her work ethic and creative approach, recently earned Ms. Watley the distinction of being named “one of the most prominent visionaries of her era” by Wax Poetics magazine. It’s also her modus operandi with Shalamar Reloaded, the rebooted version of the iconic R&B/pop trio that launched Ms. Watley’s music career over thirty years ago. Having acquired trademark rights to the name SHALAMAR in 2014, Ms. Watley has brought the brand into the 21st century, weaving the group’s signature sound (rich harmonies, soulful melodies) with fresh choreography and state-of-the-art musical beds composed of innovative beats and forward grooves… Read more

“Becoming owner allows me to revive the name for a new audience, to not get stuck in the safety net of nostalgia because I’m not interested in doing what I’ve already done,” says Ms. Watley. Live in concert we don’t disappoint the older fan base because we deliver the hits from “A Night To Remember”, “Take That To The Bank”, “The Second Time Around” and make them feel fresh because of the choreography and energy – as well it sounds like what people remember of Shalamar. That said, “There’s new merchandise for fans to purchase, with plans for new music and other exciting projects in the pipeline.”

Joining Ms. Watley for Shalamar Reloaded are singer/dancer/choreographers Rosero McCoy (Usher, Beyoncé, America’s Next Best Dance Crew, Shake it Up, The Sing Off) and breakout young Ohio talent Nate Allen Smith. The trio’s dynamic stage show breathes new life into Shalamar classics “A Night To Remember,” “Take That To The Bank,” and “The Second Time Around” in a set that includes signature Jody Watley solo hits like “Friends,” “Looking For a New Love,” and “Don’t You Want Me,” as well as music from her 2014 smash album Paradise. That album’s first single “Nightlife” – her 19th Billboard Top 20 Dance hit; a UK Top 10 Commercial Pop and UK Top 5 soul hit – added another notch to her impressive chart history: six Top 10 Pop singles; thirteen #1 Dance Singles; seven Top 5 R&B Singles; two Top 20 pop albums; 2 Top 10 R&B albums; and a Top 5 R&B album. Paradise celebrates dance music’s classic sounds and motifs (nodding to disco, House, soulful R&B,) while looking squarely to the future. As an artistic statement, it’s a perfect encapsulation of Ms. Watley’s career thus far: This is where I’ve been / this is what I’ve done / this is where I am and what I’m doing right now / this is how I’m mapping the future.

Classic Hits Include: “A Night to Remember”, “Take That To The Bank”, “The Second Time Around”, “Right in The Socket” and more.

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01 – Shalamar – A Night To Remember (12 Inch, 1982)
02 – Jody Watley – The Dawn (Paradise, 2015)
03 – Jody Watley & Gerald Brown – Nightlife (Soulpersona Radio Edit) (Single, 2013)
04 – Jody Watley – Sanctuary (Soulpersona Raregrooves Remix) (Paradise, 2015)
05 – Jody Watley – Dancer (feat. Luminodisco) (Paradise, 2015)
06 – Jody Watley – Don’t You Want Me (King Britt Scuba Mix) (The Makeover, 2006)

Background music during the interview:

Jody Watley – Beautiful Life (Beautiful Dub Mix), Shalamar – Take That To The Bank, Shalamar – Uptown Festival (Medley), Soul Train Gang – TV version, Shalamar – Friends, Jody Watley – Jody Watley – Midnight Lounge (Mark De Clive Makeover Mix), Jody Watley – Looking For A New Love (Roca Sound Remix), Jody Watley – Tonights The Night (Mdcl Remix), Jody Watley – Off The Hook, Jody Watley – Paradise, 4Hero – Bed Of Roses (feat. Jody Watley)

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