Hyleen Gil 2015

Hyleen Gil (2015)

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Hyleen Gil 2015

U & I was born last summer in the S​outh of France. I wanted to show ​with my music how I conceive my relationship with other people. The duets are really important to me. I enjoy cleat​ing​ specific relationship with people and I​ love having alone time. So in  U & I I​ try to show all those different aspects. This project is painting of my life that i’m looking forward to sharing with the world.

Can You Love Me is about the relationship between my mother and I​. I have​ the honor to sing this song with Omar. I still don’t believe that the artist i’ve listened to and admired is singing a duet with me… Read more

Wake Up Your Mind summarizes​ the advice that I​’ve recieved since I’ve been​ playing​ music. And it’s the way I​’ve found to let my shyness behind me, wake up and enter the real world.

Music By Intravenous I take music by intravenous every day it is the only thing which brings me all the love I need and doesn’t make me doubt.​ That’s the thing with music … it’s not the same with people …

I’m Your Trouble It’s my first intimate song… even thought it was difficult to record it was also a good release for me. In this song it’s not me and the ​people but the ​people and I​. Sometimes I’ve felt be a trouble for people.

It took me around 2 months to record because we’ve worked with people in ​the ​USA, England and France. And it’s still un​believable to have all those great artists​ on this project. As I​ told you I​ love duets​, that’s why we’ve chosen​ to share each song with one of them. Can You Love Me with Omar, Wake Up Your Mind with Frank McComb, Music by intravenous with Marcus EShadd. I have the honor to have Chris Dave who played on the entire project but I​ have my duet with him in I’m Your Trouble where he also had the opportunity to express his ​sensitiveness.

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01 – Hyleen Gil – Get Lucky (U & I, 2015)
02 – Hyleen Gil – Can You Love Me (feat. Omar) (U & I, 2015)
03 – Hyleen Gil – Music By Intravenous (Snippet) (U & I, 2015)
04 – Hyleen Gil – I’m Your Trouble (U & I, 2015)
05 – Hyleen Gil – Disgression 2 (U & I, 2015)

Background music during the interview:

Hyleen Gil – Can You Love Me (Throwback Mix), Hyleen Gil – Disgression 1, Hyleen Gil – Music By Intravenous, Hyleen Gil – Get Lucky, Hyleen Gil – Disgression 3

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