George Anderson 2013

George Anderson (2013)

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George Anderson 2013First of all hope you all like my revamped website. On each page you will hear samples from my solo c/d’s ‘Positivity’ and ‘Expressions’ available here and on i-Tunes plus other tracks . Let me know if you like the new look ?

Well… where shall we start …I got into music from playing the trombone in the school orchestra, this gave me the buzz for music. It quickly dawned on me that i wanted to play bass guitar. I got my first bass at 16 and set about learning it, at that time i was interested in soul and funk music locked myself in my bedroom and set about practising, learning all the bass lines I could. I also took some lessons from Laurence Canty at Goldsmith’s College… Read more

Influences at the time were pretty diverse i would listen to Louis Johnson, Larry Graham , Wille Weeks , Chuck Rainey, through to Chris Squire and Andy Fraser, (still one of my favourite players just listen to his playing on ‘Mr Big’ damn funky ) I would listen to anything that grooved regardless of genre.

Then one day i heard a player that sounded like no other. Jaco Pastorius truly the greatest bassist ever period ! He rewrote the book, elevating bass players to the fore as soloists in their own right, but he did it with such style and musicality .

It was an exciting time for bass players,(aah the 70’s & 80’s !) where once they were seen as simple background boys, they were suddenly propelled into lead hero superstars. These included players like Jaco ,Stanley Clarke, Marcus Miller , and Jeff Berlin who raised the bar regarding technique.

Lots of great music influences me from George Duke with his funk/fusion style through to Weather Report and Return to Forever with their Jazz Rock style , but ultimately it has to be Stevie Wonder who has been the biggest influence on my songwriting.

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00 – Shakatak – Down On The Street (Intro) (Down On The Street, 1984)
01 – Jaco Pastorius – Teen Town (Live) (Snippet) (The Essential, 2007)
02 – Shakatak – Easier Said Than Done (Night Birds, 1982)
03 – Shakatak – Night Birds (Snippet) (Night Birds, 1982)
04 – George Anderson – All 4 U (Positivity, 2009)
05 – George Anderson – Closer (Expressions, 2012)
06 – George Anderson – Weakness (Expressions, 2012)

Background music during the interview:

Shakatak – Down On The Streets, The Old Morrisvile Brass Band – I’ll Fly Away, Jim Reeves – Welcome To My World, Jaco Pastorius – Teen Town (Live), Shakatak – Streetwalkin´, Shakatak – Rio Nights, Shakatak – Night Birds, Shakatak – Mr Manic & Sister Cool, George Anderson – Back In The Day Parts 1 & 2, George Anderson – Into U, George Anderson – Mighty Love

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