Gene Douglas 2009

Gene Douglas (2009)

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Gene Douglas 2009

Born in Stuttgart, Germany where he also started his career as DJ. Douglas became famous for his Soul Music sound, spinning at Perkins Park Club (Stuttgart), Dorian Grey (Frankfurt), and Griffins (Baden Baden). He moved then to Munich where he played in Clubs like Charly M, P1 and Maximilian. He made as well a formation as a makeup artist and as fashion designer at Alf Offenhauser (Chanel) and Dirk Bikkemberg. In France he was responsible for he music concepts for Studio Circus, Blitz and Whiskey & Gogo (Cannes).

Next station was New York City. Here he discovered through Frankie Knuckles and Judy Weinstein (Def Mix Productions) the sound of Chicago House music which was followed by a stint at NY’s Save the Robots. Gene Douglas has produced records for labels like Almost Heaven Records & Music, Velvet Records, GD London Records, Kult Records, Shokoy Records, Record of Interest (ROI), Deeplay Records, Freebass Records, Soundmen on Wax, ZYX Records and House NO:Records. Remixes for Isaac Hayes-Shaft, Nalin & Kane Grazy People (World Hit Beachball), Darryl Pandy-Sunshine Happiness, Michael Watford – For Your Love, Darryl D Bonneau – Free (JellyBean) soon followed.

His new album Sunny Day on Almost Heaven Records and Music features the club cut Think About You (Davidson Ospina & Oscar P Mixes), as well as tracks with 100K, Ja Rule, Michael Watford, David Walker and Tonja Edwards.

Almost Heaven Music


01 – Gene Douglas feat. Michael Watford – For Your Love (Sunny Day, Promo)
02 – Gene Douglas feat. David Walker – Almost Heaven (Noel Pix Chilli Club Mix, 2005)
03 – Physics – Don”t Deny Me Love ( JIL, 2007)
04 – Gene Douglas feat. Tonya Edwards – The Boys (Promo, 2010)

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