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Everett James (2013)

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Everett James 2013A seasoned artist, multi-instrumentalist, producer, & songwriter who can perform from a band setting to a one man electronic setting.

Everett James began his musical journey in Asheville, North Carolina. Born in to a musical family he learned the art from his father and performed with his sister throughout his youth. Educated classically and through real world experience, Everett is influenced by a vast variety of artists from Miles Davis, George Clinton, Prince, James Brown, Stevie Wonder, RUN DMC, Tribe Called Quest, to J-Dilla. Live or in the studio, Everett pushes urban music forward and brings the rich legacy of the blues to the future… Read more

His latest venture has been launching the website 735music.com for the purpose of sharing information, building a community, and marketing urban music that is an alternative to what is currently being offered by mainstream media. His latest album “Metamorphosis” is a testament to his willingness to innovate and define urban alternative music.

The concept for Metamorphosis began before the birth of Everett James’ son. Everett felt an evolution within that changed him from what he thought he was into the man he is now. This complete transformation surpassed even what he thought he would become and impacted his songwriting. Everett began the writing process while performing in Addis Ababa, Ethiopia. The idea behind the sound of the record was to blend live instrumentation, analogue, and digital sounds in a way that was musical. Everett pulled inspiration from seeing the birthplace of humanity in Africa and witnessing his family grow. He hopes you feel the change in the music and the energy of life in every song.

The first single, “Shot Through The Heart” has been getting attention internationally from blogs, DJ’s, and tastemakers most notable being the support of the legendary Gilles Peterson and was featured on BBC Radio 1.

Since 2000, Everett has built a catalogue of works that he writes, produces, and performs, and engineers at his hide-away Electronika Studios located in Atlanta, Georgia. Everett plays all the instrumentation on his productions layering instrument track by track. He often plays bass, guitar, keys, and drums through out his projects. He has recorded with George Clinton, toured with Maseo Parker, hit guitar solos on the stage of the Fillmore West, walked the open mics in the NYC village, and played drums through out Europe with Stacy Epps. His most recent accomplishment is completing a 3 month residency in Addis Ababa, Ethiopia performing with the Celebration Club band on Bass. He continues to push forward using his training in music composition to compose for film and his entrepreneurial skills to establish 735 Music in the market as an innovator in urban alternative culture.

Biography courtesy of Everett James

735 Music Online


01 – Everett James – B Who U R (Life, 2007)
02 – Everett James – Shot Through The Heart (Metamorphosis, 2013)
03 – Stacy Epps – Just A Dream (Snippet) (Aura, 2013)
04 – Everett James – Falling In Love (Metamorphosis, 2013)
05 – Everett James – Peace (Metamorphosis, 2013)

Background music during the interview:

Everett James – Sound Rebellion, Everett James – Peace, Everett James – My Star, Everett James – Activate Your Love (feat. Mach 5), Everett James – In The Wind, Everett James – Sexy, Sexy, Everett James – Daydream, Everett James – Just A Dream, Everett James feat. Stacy Epps – Now

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  1. I really enjoyed this interview, I must say. At the end of the day, music is really about sharing a vibe, a philosophy of life – so it’s nice when the artist is thoughtful and able to communicate what they are about as a person and what they are trying to do. Will definitely try to buy this album.

    Note to the artist, if he is reading: please make the album available on 7-digital and in FLAC. So far I have only been able to find it digitally in mp3 format on Amazon – no point in investing the time to make quality music and then chopping it to mp3.