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Dear Music Family,DJ Soulswede leaving Solar Radio

For several years I have had a show (The Soulinterviews Radio Show) on Solar Radio (London, UK), including pre-programmed music and interviews. Solar Radio has made the decision to make all of their programming live, including the midnight slot, a time that had been previously dedicated to “specialist programs”, such as my radio show was classified as.

I was offered a later airtime, but have chosen to say no to this. All the work and commitment in doing my radio program would not be worth the effort with a new transmission time.

The change to all live programming is good for station development, and Solar Radio has my full support in this process. My full focus will remain on my own work, Soulinterviews.com. It has been tough at times, and quite time consuming, to produce both interviews for my site and radio programs for Solar Radio. (I have done this for several years now.)

I welcome this change, as it will provide the opportunity for new doors to open!

DJ Soulswede
Founder of Soulinterviews.com
(Through Bonnie Cehovet)

For additional information or questions please contact:
Bonnie Cehovet
Publicity and Media Relations Worldwide Soulinterviews.com
Phone: +1 360-970-0025 (US)
E-mail: publicity (at) soulinterviews.com

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