Demetrius Price 2010

Demetrius Price (2010)

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Demetrius Price 2010A truly unique singer, songwriter and producer – Californian born Demetrius Price represents a truly multi-skilled artist that is so rare to find these days in such a manufactured industry. Demetrius grew up in a musical family and was influenced early in life by artists such as Sly & the Family Stone, Tower of Power, Nancy Wilson among others. This in turn gave Demetrius a special connection and understanding of soul, jazz and funk music.

During his teenage years he kept himself busy as an athlete, though he would always turn to music whenever he could… Read more

During the summer of 1992 Demetrius made his first visit to Stockholm, Sweden: an eye-opening experience for him that led him to meet hip hop/soul producer and singer ADL. This meeting resulted in the two starting to work together on ADL’s album. The album later lead to a European tour sponsored by Hugo Boss.

It’s in 1996 that things are set to change for good – thanks to a collaboration with Christian Falk for the house song “Make it Right” – which Demetrius penned and performed. Three years later “Make it Right” was released on Christian Falk’s album “Quel Bordel” under Warner Bros. The smash hit took everyone by surprise by becoming an underground favourite worldwide and a main stream hit in Sweden. “Make it Right” was frequently played on MTV. When the song became responsible for three Grammies in Sweden and one year later became a big mainstream hit in the UK. It gave Demetrius the opportunity to be on the UK program “Top of the Pops”.

‘Make it right’ was featured on several compilations worldwide and opened the doors for new collaborations on the international scene including tracks with Markus Enochson, Demarkus Lewis and Opolopo to name a few. In 2007, Demetrius released the single “No Holdin’ Back” under Raw Fusion Recordings.

Currently Demetrius has collaborated with Opolopo on his debut album, exploring new directions.

Biography courtesy of Demetrius Price.

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00 – Intro – Demetrius Price – Turn It Around (Promo, 2010)
01 – Robert Brookins Tribute Show – Promo Trailer
02 – Demetrius Price – Sacrifice Been Made (Promo, 2010)
03 – Christian Falk feat. Demetrius Price – Make It Right (Quel Bordel, 1999) (Snippet)
04 – Demetrius Price – Something Special (Promo, 2010)
05 – Demetrius Price – It”s That Time (Promo, 2010)

Background music during the interview:

Christian Falk feat. Demetrius Price – Mind Elevation, Marcus Enockson feat. Demetrius Price – Love Is On The Way, Christian Falk feat. Demetrius Price – Make It Right, Demetrius Price – No Hold”n Back (Radio Master), Demetrius Price -New Beginning (Reprise), Demetrius Price – Sleep Around, Demetrius Price – Spring (Interlude)

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