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Deborah Bond (2011)


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Deborah Bond 2011A self-proclaimed “people watcher, dreamer and lover ofphilosophy”, Debórah Bond (pronounced De-BOR-rah) credits Anita Baker, Chaka Khan, and Sade as the roots which shaped her sound. Her unique and “eclectic mix of R&B, funk and British soul” receives accolades from fans and critics worldwide. The debut album “DayAfter”, and the remix album “AfterDay”, established Deborah Bond’s reputation as both a deeply sensitive, spiritual, sincere artist and a funky diva with captivating stage presence. (Check out the video for the single”See You In My Dreams”, currently on heavy rotation on VH1 Soul) Propelled by an ever growing cult following Debórah Bond has shared the stage with many of the hottest acts in soul music including: Rahsaan Patterson, Eric Roberson, Yahzarah, Sy Smith, Gordon Chambers, Floetry, Kem, Kindred the Family Soul, Raheem DeVaughn, Mint Condition, Angela Johnson, Julie Dexter, Goapele, Wayna, Ann Nesby, Elisabeth Withers, Ronny Jordan, Ledisi, Frank McComb and Fertile Ground… Read more

Deborah and her band/production team Third Logic are proud to announce the release of Madam Palindrome (7/17). This album is a confident and bold artistic & creative statement. Reflections on perspectives and palindromes not only influenced lyrics and song content but informed artist Shuhei Matsuyama’s creative process for the design of the truly stunning album’s artwork. Amongst many tasteful gems in Madam Palindrome, we are especially looking forward to a duet with UK underground legend Lewis Taylor.

Debórah Bond & Third Logic have had a long break from the music scene to build on the craft of production, musicianship, and songwriting. With time for growth and reflection the concept for Madam Palindrome emerged: a well-rounded intellectual, visual, philosophical, and musical experience featuring songs ranging from disco/funk to psychedelic to acoustic soul to straight up R&B… The new single from Madam Palindrome “You Are the One” is now available on itunes and cdbaby.com. Stay tuned for an cosmically exciting new video as well!

Debórah and her band take pride in creating music that has no boundaries, that goes beyond age, race, or creed.

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00 – Intro – Debórah Bond (feat. Julius Papp) – This Is Me (Original Mix) (DayAfter, 2003)
01 – Debórah Bond (feat. Julius Papp) – This Is Me (Original Mix) (DayAfter, 2003)
02 – Parliament – Mothership Connection (Star Child) (Snippet) (Mothership Connection, 1975)
03 – Debórah Bond – See You In My Dreams (DayAfter, 2003)
04 – Caron Wheeler – Livin” In The Light (Snippet) (UK Blak, 1990)
05 – Debórah Bond – Nothing Matters (Madam Palindrome, 2011)
06 – Debórah Bond – You Are The One (Madam Palindrome, 2011)
07 – Debórah Bond – Never Was (Madam Palindrome, 2011)

Background music during the interview:

Debórah Bond – A Message, Debórah Bond – Givin” Up, Debórah Bond – Don”t Waste Your Time, Debórah Bond – 5:35, Debórah Bond – Blind Paradise, Debórah Bond – Highest Mountain, Debórah Bond – Mr Day”s Dream, Studio Apartment – Something Between Us (feat. Debórah Bond), Debórah Bond – 5:35

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