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Dear SI.com family,

We hope you enjoy your summer and collect energy for the rest of the year, in good company with some great music.

The Soulinterviews Quiet studio is currently going through a major upgrade. That means everything from the operation system on the computer to the recording software. To make the new Pro Tools version work, we had to order a new “iLok” from the US. Our current one, unfortunately, did not work with the new software version. And without the new “iLok” – no interviews.

This means we have to postpone the interviews for two weeks to make sure we are up and running again.

We apologize for the delays and wish you a continued great summer.


Publicity & Media Relations

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Bonnie Cehovet is a writer and avid music fan. Her goal is to promote music, and musicians, in all ways possible. To that end, she is responsible for Publicity and Media Relations for Soulinterviews.com. She is very happy to be part of a site that educates the music public, as well as providing a platform for artists to get their work out before the public eye. Bonnie is a published author in the Tarot and self-help fields, and is currently working on the first book in what she hopes will become a mystery series. She was a professional Tarot reader for many years, which gave her great insight into how people think, what is important to them, and how they deal with life. One thing she knows for sure ... all genres of music help us to open our minds and our hearts. To allow music into your life is to open yourself to living life to the fullest!