Bernadette Cooper 2010

Bernadette Cooper (2010)

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Bernadette Cooper 2010Entertainer, songwriter, producer, her resume is chock full of credits. One for being the sole founder, creator and being a member of the 80’s/90s all female R&B, Pop Band “Klymaxx.” The hits that Cooper’s penmanship and personality are dripping all over the wax include, “The Men All Pause,” “Sexy,” “Divas Need Love Too,” “Meeting in The Ladies Room” and their biggest hit, Malsby’s “I Miss You. While In college she had a vision of forming an all girl band. Being the maverick that she is Bernadette set out to conquer this goal. So…Ms Cooper came up with a name she thought would be exciting and would capture attention and then changed the spelling so it would be the groups own. In 1980 Bernadette put her studies on hold and through magazine ads, auditions, word of mouth and interviewing many girls, first being guitarist Jeannie Cunningham (who Cooper later penned hits with)…MISSION ACCOMPLISHED…”Klymaxx” was born… Read more

Through the same methods Cooper was also the creative force behind the 90’s all girl trio “Madame X.” Their first single, “Just That Type of Girl” was an international hit. Both groups achieved great success an accolades because of Bernadette’s production, vision and attitude. Aside from being a member of “Klymaxx” Bernadette Cooper continued her journey as a solo artist. In 1995 she released her critically acclaimed debut album where she once again conquered with her top five single, “I Look Good.” She single handedly started a sexy, attitude revolution in music that to this day has been emulated put never perfected. Ms Cooper has always been hailed and respected in the music industry.

Bernadette showed that she was not a one trick pony by producing, writing and performing with such artist as Bette Midler,Lenny Kravitz,Teena Marie,George Clinton, Salt & Pepa, Paula Abdul & T.L.C, just to name a few and developing many other acts. She has also contributed to and music supervised soundtracks.

As we move into the 21st Century Ms. Cooper, is still reinventing herself. In 2006, Saturday Night Live performed a skit mocking “Klymaxx” and “Halle Berry” portrayed Bernadette. Halle later sent Bernadette a letter seeking her approval of her portrayal and thanking the group “Klymaxx” for many happy memories in a time when music was grand.

Grand Diva Cooper was also featured with “Klymaxx” on a Vh1 special entitled ” Bands Reunited” in which Cooper, saw the cameras and became melodramatic… as usual. It was one of the top rated episodes.

In 2008 Bernadette sold her popular East Coast vintage clothing company, “Museum 68”, and is now concentrating on writing, producing and creating her next Frankenstein.

In 2010, Bernadette Cooper revealed her new music company “CoopersWorld Entertainment”, which has recently signed a new teen sensation girl band. Bernadette is currently writing and producing for the group. Single released in 2011.

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00 – Intro – Klymaxx – Meeting In The Ladies Room (Meeting In The Ladies Room, 1984)
01 – Klymaxx – Wild Girls (Girls Will Be Girls, 1982)
02 – Altitude – Silly (Private Parts, 1991)
03 – Madame X – Flirt (Madame X, 1987)
04 – Bernadette Cooper – I Look Good (An Interview With B. Cooper) (Drama According To Bernadette Cooper, 1990)

Background music during the interview:

Klymaxx – Never Underestimate The Power Of A Woman, Klymaxx – Lock And Key, Klymaxx – The Men All Pause (12 inch version), The Time – 777-9312, Klymaxx – I Miss You, Klymaxx – Man Size Love, Teena Marie – Here”s Looking At You, Madame X – Just That Type Of Girl, Klymaxx – Diva”s Need Love Too, Klymaxx – Sexy (12 inch version)

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  1. Hi Dj Soulswede! Could you please may this interview avalible! I really enjoyed your personal interview i really like what you said, and just keep believing, It’s great to do things your own way! God Bless You! Chey!

  2. I would like to request to hear the interview with Bernadette Cooper. Thanks, Kelsey