Astral22 2009

Astral22 (2009)

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Astral22 2009NYC native, Los Angeles resident, songwriter/producer/podcaster/label founder ASTRAL22 (Armand Tulumello) began creating music on an old reel to reel in his basement at age 11.

“I’ve always had the music in me, and I knew I needed to bring it out”.

“I am a creator, connector, and a good listener. You gotta have those skills to be a good writer and producer”. Equipped with earlytraining on the guitar and piano, it was listening to visionaries like Donny Hathaway, Stevie Wonder, Al Green, Chaka Khan, The Isley Brothers, John Coltrane, and a variety of Brazilian, Afro and World music artists that formed Astral22’s free flowing musical style… Read more

The Astral22 “sound: “Moves the spirit, stirs the soul, and projects 100% positivity”.

Astral22 released 2 independent projects in ’07, which include the UK singles “Don’t Know What” and “Starting Over” featuring Simone,”Make Me Wanna Fly” featuring Shuane, and is currently in the studio, working on 2 releases for the launch of his boutique label, TRANS PHATT RECORDS. An EP featuring artist Tashan, and a full length which will feature a variety of exciting nu soul collaborations and reworks.

Side projects include a collaboration with Rena Scott for release later this year. Launched in ’07, Astral22’s Modern Soul Podcast began as a love affair with the indie soul movement, and progressed into full on artist interviews. By good fortune, together with the legendary DJ Soulswede, Astral22 is extremely happy to be on board at soulinterviews.com and will be contributing “quick talk” and “deep talk” exclusive artist interviews. Astral22 summed up in his own words:

“I live to love, make good music, feel the warmth of the sun, swim in the sea, and help children in need”.

Trans Phatt Records


00 – Intro – Astral22 Mixtape (November 2009)
01 – Tashan7 – Chasin” A Dream (Astral22 Imperial Remix 2010) (Promo, Unmastered)
02 – Astral22 feat. Rena Scott – In This Life (Astral22 Rework) (Imperial, 2009)
03 – Astral22 feat. Katie Cole – Think About It (Imperial 2009)
04 – Astral22 feat. Stephanie Renee – Imperial Theme (Imperial 2009)

Background music during interview:

Astral22 feat Simone – Starting Over (Astral22 Rework), Astral22 feat. Shuane – Make Me Wanna Fly (Astral22 Rework), Astral22 feat. Rogiérs – The Reason, Astral22 feat. LeNora Jaye – A Silent Prayer, Astral22 feat. La Sonya Gunter – Ready For Love, Astral22 feat. Shanell Rene – From Me To You, Astral22 feat. Mz. Pat – Fair Play (Turn Around)

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