“Artists Doing Radio” – Update 1 – March 21st

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Artists Doing Radio 2013Our upcoming and very popular feature “Artist Doing Radio” kicks off on April the 8th. Your favorite artists will present a 30 minute radio show of their own as part of The Soulinterviews Radio Show on Solar Radio. Here’s the line-up until July: David Frank ADR

April the 8th:
David Frank of Electro-Soul duo The System and legendary producer


April the 22nd:
Ralf GUM – Soulful House Guru

Will Downing ADR

May the 6th:
Will Downing – The Prince of Sophisticated Soul

Marc Gordon ADR

May the 20th:
Marc Gordon – The Musical Engine of LeVert

Paul Laurence ADR

June the 3rd:
Paul Laurence – “Rock Me Tonight (For Old Time Sake)”. Say no more…

Crystal Johnson ADR

June the 17th:
Crystal Johnson – Multitalented Brooklyn-Chick with urban socialite appeal

Kipper Jones ADR

July the 1st:
Kipper Jones – Songwriter Extraordinary

Mo Pleasure ADR

July the 15th:
Mo Pleasure – Keyboardist of Michael Jackson etc. etc. etc.

Charles Hammond Jr ADR

July the 29th:
Charles Hammond Jr – Next generation soulmusic…

Reggie Calloway ADR

August the 12th:
Reggie Calloway – A funky Operator, bringing Joy and Love Overboard. A real Casanova…

George Anderson ADR

August the 26th:
George Anderson – The soulful bassplayer of Shakatak

Barry Eastmond ADR

September the 23rd:
Barry Eastmond – Legendary producer. Over 80 million sold copies…

Chris Jasper ADR

October the 7th:
Chris Jasper – The musical engine behind The Isley Brothers sound and Isley Jasper Isley. Succesful soloartist and producer…

Ms. Monique ADR

October the 21st:
Ms.Monique – A voice from another era…

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