Ahmed Sirour 2013

Ahmed Sirour (2013)

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Ahmed Sirour 2013I’m a professional and self-taught musician (keyboardist/pianist), producer, composer, writer, arranger (and went to school to learn how to engineer) from Brooklyn, NY who now travels around the world, when & where needed, performing & making music. I don’t claim a religious affiliation but my name is Arabic (thanks to my Sudanese father) and means “praise-worthy” and “pleasure”, respectively…as in referring to God, so get your minds right! lol I also can claim Barbados on my mother’s side so I can rep for the West Indian massive as well (go fig).

Friday, October 4, 2002 marked my trial-by-fire initiation and transition from music hobbyist to professional, as I played my very first live paid gig as a bonafide musician… Read more

No, I was never in band as a child/teenager, never had music lessons, and don’t read music or know formal theory or arrangement. What you hear is whatever comes out of my imagination and through my fingers as I play all parts on keyboard (unless otherwise noted), and even a bonus when it’s with a talented vocalist.

I’ve been inspired by many musicians/artists from so many genres and eras (thus the throwback remixes) that I wouldn’t know where to begin. All I can say is that I love making music, and though I’ve only been producing for 4 of the almost 10 years that I’ve called been a professional musician, I’ve been blessed to have this gift and upgrade from not just playing live but slowly & surely building a discography to hopefully inspire more musicians to come.

This page is just a way to document part of this life journey in sound.

Biography courtesy of Ahmed Sirour Music on Facebook

Ahmed Sirour on Bandcamp


01 – Ahmed Sirour feat. Michelle Thompson – We Rep Brooklyn (Promo, 2011)
02 – Lalah Hathaway – My Everything (Ahmed´s Ballad Remix) (Promo, 2011)
03 – LeNora Jaye – Always Get Away (Ahmed Sirour Rework) (Single, 2011)
04 – Cleveland Jones & Ahmed Sirour – Sensitive (Single, 2011)
05 – Ahmed Sirour – To Whom This Will Concern (Ahmed Sirour 2013 Promo)

Background music during the interview:

Jay Dee – Pause (Ahmed’s Funky Last Minute Remix), Ahmed Sirour feat. Robert Glasper  – Move Love (Bossa Soula Remix), Ahmed Sirour – JFK 2012, Jeremih – Benji B’s String Ensemble (Ahmed’s Thr3mix), Ahmed Sirour – FORePLAYING (Ahmed´s Sensual House Remix), Beatles – Eleanor Rigby (Ahmeds Cold Remix), Eric Robertson – Still (DJ Kemit & Ahmed Sirour Remix), Teri Tobin – Whatcha Say (Ahmed Sirour Remix), Ahmed Sirour – The Hidden Places, Ahmed Sirour – Groove Noctural

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